Data Curation: Effective ways to optimize your data with MDS & DQS


Diese Woche werden Oliver und ich einen Workshop zum Thema Data Curation: Effective ways to optimize your data with MDS & DQS halten. Der Workshop findet am 18.04.2013 in der Schweiz statt.

Data Quality Services (DQS) and a new version of Master Data Services (MDS) were introduced with SQL Server 2012. It’s an out of the box product for the Data Steward and the Information professional and can help to solve most of the data quality and master data issues in the enterprise.

This workshop gives you a complete overview on these new technologies in SQL Server based on a real world closed loop scenario. In the scenario we will show how SSIS, DQS, MDS and other SQL Technologies work together, you will learn concepts like DQS Domains, Rules and how to use Remote Data Services with Windows Azure marketplace. You learn how to use MDS Models, Entities and Hierarchies etc.

You will see MDS Staging concepts, SharePoint and Excel Integration and you learn how everything is connected in a closed loop. During the sessions you will see best practices, performance tips and tricks and maybe also stuff you would not do at home. At the end you have a full picture of DQS and MDS and an understanding where you can use it and how to optimize it.

Weitere Details zum Workshops sind auf der Konferenzseite zu finden.

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